SECと和解する場合,違反に関する事実について,”neither admitting nor denying”であるのが通常です。これが変わるかも知れないという話です。

SEC Actions writes:

The SEC is making a significant change to its Enforcement program which could impact any company or person settling an enforcement action as well as the program of the agency. SEC Chair Mary Jo White stated that the agency is going to change the way it settles enforcement actions, modifying its much criticized “neither admit nor deny” policy. Now, in select cases, the Commission will require that admissions be made as a condition of settling rather than permitting the defendant to “neither admit nor deny” the allegations in the complaint of its enforcement action.


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Comcast Corp. v. Behrend, 133 S. Ct. 1426 (2013)






  • 著者の経済分析の視座への不同意。

  • 筆者が作った仮定または著者の研究デザインに疑問を付す。もし,仮定や研究デザインに疑問を付す場合,なぜ仮定やアプローチが正しくない理由を明確に説明し,または,それを変えることでどのように著者の分析に影響を与えるかを説明しなければならない。

  • 論文で議論されていない著者の分析の含意。

  • 著者の調査結果を裏付けるまたは矛盾する追加の証拠。

  • 著者の分析を発展させるさらなる研究の提案。


Amgen Inc. v. Connecticut Retirement Plans and Trust Funds, 133 S. Ct. 1184 (2013)


  • 関連資料
    • In re Amgen Inc. Sec. Litig., 544 F. Supp. 2d 1009 (C.D. Cal. 2008)

      • 地裁におけるmotion to dismissの却下
    • Connecticut Retirement Plans and Trust Funds v. Amgen, Inc., 2009 WL 2633743 (C.D. Cal. 2009)

      • 地裁におけるクラスの認定
    • Connecticut Retirement Plans and Trust Funds v. Amgen Inc., 660 F.3d 1170 (9th Cir. 2011)

      • 高裁による原判決の維持
    • Amgen Inc. v. Connecticut Retirement Plans and Trust Funds, 132 S. Ct. 2742 (mem) (2012)

      • 最高裁による裁量上訴の許可
    • Amgen Inc. v. Connecticut Retirement Plans and Trust Funds, 133 S. Ct. 1184 (2013)

      • 最高裁による原判決の維持
  • 弁護士事務所のメモランダム,参考文献
    • Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP, Memorandum, The Supreme Court Holds That Class Certification of Rule 10b-5 Claims Does Not Require Proof of Materiality (Feb. 28, 2013)


Revlon義務に関して,Koehler v. NetSpend Holdings Inc., 2013 WL 2181518 (Del. Ch. May 21, 2013) (Glasscock, V.C.)を紹介しましたが,don’t-ask-don’t-waive条項については,過去に次の2つの事例があります。他にもあるかもしれませんが,とりあえず。

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D&O Diaryが,会社附属定款での仲裁条項に関して,記事を書いています。

The question of whether or not a company can impose an arbitration requirement through its articles of incorporation or its by-laws drew a great deal of attention when The Carlyle Group, which was preparing to go public at the time, specified in its partnership agreement that all limited partners would be required to submit any claims to binding arbitration. (I discussed Carlyle’s initiative in a prior blog post, here.) Ultimately, the SEC used its control of the registration process to prevent Carlyle from including this provision. But as illustrated in an April 22, 2012 article by Carl Schneider of the Ballard Spahr law firm on the Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation (here), the idea continues to have its advocates and it seems likely that sooner or later there will be a case or circumstance testing the permissibility of arbitration provision in articles of incorporation or corporate by-laws.


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American Express v. Italian Colors Restaurant, 2013 WL 3064410 (June 20, 2013)では,Shearman Actに関する訴訟について,クラスアクションの放棄の条項が存在しており,原告が当該条項がFederal Arbitration Actに反するとして訴訟を提起しました。



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  1. Barbala Black, Eliminating Securities Fraud Class Actions Under the Radar, 2009 Colum. Bus. L. Rev. 802. []



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