Shareholder Rights Projectについての議論

Harvard大学のShareholder Rights Projectは,期差選任の上場会社を減少させるという成果を短期間で挙げたため,注目される存在だと思います。同プロジェクトの活動の合法性について疑義を表する論文が,スタンフォード大学の教授および現役の連邦証券取引委員会の委員から呈されました。





Executive pay disparity, as measured by CEO pay slice (CPS), is positively associated with the implied cost of equity, even after controlling for other determinants of the cost of equity. The difference in the cost of equity can explain 43% of the difference in the valuation effect attributable to CPS reported by Bebchuk, Cremers, and Peyer (2011). Further analysis shows that the positive association is stronger when agency problems of free cash flows are more severe and when CEO succession planning is more important. Our evidence suggests that a large CPS is associated with CEO entrenchment and high succession risk.